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Beginner enthusiastically learning chords on an acoustic guitar during a lesson

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If you want to learn guitar, now is the time to start. Young or old!  Perhaps you only want to learn to play a few songs at home, perhaps you want to impress your friends, or perhaps you want to learn to write songs. Everybody will have a different reason to learn acoustic or electric guitar, and there is no absolutely no reason why you should not start now!

Simon has been a guitar teacher for many years, and adjusts his teaching style, instruction and content to the needs of the individual - from young to very old.

Most people just want to learn to play a few chords so that they can play the songs they love. Some want to learn more about musical theory and how music works.  All it takes to learn guitar is the love of making music!

In addition to over 50 years of music industry experience, Simon has a Bachelor of Popular Music degree and extensive experience working with a wide variety of musicians. Simon also has a Working With Children Check and National Police Clearance. 

Introduction to Guitar Lessons

Welcome aspiring guitarists! Whether you're picking up the guitar for the first time or you're an experienced player looking to advance your skills, Simon Jones Music offers comprehensive and tailored guitar lessons to meet your unique needs. Our curriculum covers everything from the basics of handling a guitar to advanced techniques and music theory.

Getting Started With Guitar

Our guitar lessons for beginners will take you on a guitar appreciation journey. Understanding your instrument is the first step on your journey to becoming a guitarist. Our lessons kick off with an introduction to different types of guitars and their parts, the correct posture, and using a pick.

Mastering Guitar Tuning and Maintenance

We'll introduce you to the critical skills of tuning your guitar, using both a digital tuner and by ear, and give advice on maintenance practices like changing strings, cleaning, and proper storage.

Female musician playing electric guitar alongside another guitarist, showcasing teamwork
Teenage girl concentrating on playing chords on an acoustic guitar as a beginner
Musician carefully tuning a guitar, ensuring the instrument is ready for playing
The Art of Playing

Our comprehensive lessons include understanding the basics of guitar like music theory, fretboard layout, chord progressions, and transitioning. We delve into a variety of chords, strumming patterns, rhythm and timing, lead guitar techniques, advanced techniques, and improvisation.

Music enthusiast standing and playing an electric guitar, showcasing skill development and engagement in the learning process
Music Theory and Reading
(for those that are interested)

Enhance your musical understanding with our lessons on music theory, including understanding song structure, key signatures, and tempo markings. We also provide guidance on reading standard music notation and sheet music.

Sheet music displayed, representing the another aspect of learning music theory
Preparing for Performance

Ready to share your talent with the world? We prepare you for stage performance, including working with sound engineers, managing live issues, and stage presence.

Simon performing live on stage with a guitar, inspiring students towards performance readiness

Let's Start Your Guitar Lesson Journey!

Are you ready to strum your first chord, master the fretboard, or dazzle an audience with a killer solo? Get in touch with me today! Simon Jones Music is dedicated to providing a personalised learning experience for each student. Let's discuss how we can make your guitar dreams come true. Reach out to us using the form below, or call us directly at 0414 893 714

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