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Simon Jones expertly replacing pickups in an electric guitar, showcasing meticulous craftsmanship for optimal sound

Guitar Repairs

Leading Guitar Repair and Maintenance Services in Glenelg

Welcome to your one-stop destination for all guitar care needs in Glenelg and surrounding suburbs – Simon Jones Music. We offer an array of services from restringing guitars, basses, and ukuleles, replacing broken tuning keys, neck adjustments, and intonation checks, to comprehensive guitar setups for optimal playability.
Our annual guitar service ensures your instrument stays in top-notch condition, while our repair services for faulty electronics revive your guitar's sound quality. We also provide battery replacement services and specialize in upgrading or installing pickups to enhance your instrument's sound. Trust us to keep your guitar performing at its peak.

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Guitar Projects

Some of the exciting projects Simon has undertaken for his clients

Professional Pickup Installation and Upgrade Services

Transform the sound of your guitar or ukulele with our professional pickup installation and upgrade services. Whether it's a new installation for your ukulele to connect to a mixer/PA system for band performances, or an upgrade to your existing guitar pickups, I ensure a seamless transition to enhance your instrument's sound quality.

Guitar Build - Partscaster

Get a bespoke electric guitar built to your specifications. I take pride in transforming ordinary materials into extraordinary instruments.
Whether it's turning a bed head (like the one featured in the video below) into a "Partscaster" that can play "Smoke on the Water", or crafting a unique instrument that matches your personality and playing style, I'm here to make your guitar dreams come true.How to turn a bed head into something that plays "Smoke on the Water"!!

Reliable Pickup Swap Services

Upgrade the sound of your guitar with our reliable pickup swap services. Whether you've purchased a new pickup for your beautiful Les Paul Junior or you're looking for a different sound, I can help you swap out the original pickup with precision and care.

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