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My Songs.

Simon enjoys listening to music from most genres but admits that he is most likely to re-listen to songs with clever melodies, unusual harmonies, pulsing rhythms, or meaningful lyrics. 

Simon's early influences were rock, soul and blues bands of the sixties and seventies such as Cream, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Hendrix, SRV, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Fleetwood Mac, and Led Zeppelin.  These bands typically featured excellent guitarists and drummers. Special mentions also to Jeff Buckley, T-Rex and Pink Floyd and many others from this era....

However, nowadays Simon is equally at home listening to modern pop artists such as Dua Lipa, Taylor Swift, Flume, Billie Eilish.

Original Music:

Known for his emotive and creative song-writing, Simon’s music has been described as “poignant social commentary with a heartbeat”.  Perhaps difficult to catagorise into a specific genre, Simon tries to explore new creative directions with every new original song. 


Songs are as diverse as the Irish love song “Like an Eagle”, the hard hitting “Black Lives Matter”, rock driven "Bruised" and ultra moody “Gone”, 

For those with experimental music in mind try listening to "Ares God of War' which employs the use of acousmatic sounds as a thematic tool to outline the life of the mythological Greek God Ares. 


Simon strives to colour every breath of his songs with texture, sensitivity and the pulse of life. Have a listen to his acclaimed soul rock song, “Black Hearted Soul”  to get a taste of his talent.

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